Spotkanie ze studentami z University of British Columbia w Vancouver

6 czerwca 2016 roku odbyło się w KORCZAKIANUM spotkanie z dr Bożeną Karwowską i studentami
z Uniwersytetu w Vancouver, którzy odwiedzili Polskę w ramach programu poświęconego tematyce związanej
z Holocaustem. Spotkanie prowadziły: Agnieszka Witkowska, Barbara Janina Sochal i Marta Ciesielska.

Relacja ze spotkania przesłana przez studentów z Kanady:

On June 6th, the students of Witnessing Auschwitz 2016 visited the Janusz Korczak Orphanage in Warsaw where they met with Ms. Barbara Janina Sochal, Ms. Agnieszka Witkowska Krych, and Marta Ciesielska to discuss the life and legacy of Janusc Korczak and to learn more about the Polish Korczak Association and the Korczakianum.

The students focused on a discussion of, not only the story of Janusz Korczak and Stefania Wilczyńska, but also on how Janusz Korczak’s pedagogies are implemented in present day and how his traditions have been carried on by their organization and others of a similar nature. The discussion covered some of Korczak’s most memorable work such as The Wizard and The Right of a Child to Respect and how the Polish Korczak Association encourages the use of Korczak’s work in school curriculums today.


Traveling from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver to Poland, Witnessing Auschwitz is a multidisciplinary study abroad program that focuses on the discussion of Holocaust academia through an on-site seminar with top researchers in a variety of fields. Partnered with organizations such as the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, the Jewish Historical Institute, and the University of Warsaw, students spend a month attending lectures, guided tours, workshops, and many other events to gain knowledge pertaining to all subjects surrounding the events of the Holocaust. The program is generously funded by the Faculty of Arts, Go Global and private donors.

Autorką programu jest dr Bożena Karwowska, Associate Professor of Polish and Slavic Studies Chair, Modern European Studies Program Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies University of British Columbia 1873 East Mall Vancouver.







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